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תכנון ועיצוב: אילנה שוחט | מנחה: אדריכל עמוס בר-אלי

Post Soviet Culture Center

A post soviet culture center placed inside the cognac warehouse, an historic building part of the legendary "Carmel" vineyard site in Rishon LeZion. The vineyard was founded by the Baron Edmond De Rothschiled in 1889.

Dual Identities living together in peace

Wandering About

 Ground Floor plan – walking around round objects allows you to continue and wander   around the space, choosing where to stop your gaze and what to wonder about.

Those round objects are actually visual pods in which you go inside to watch and listen to an immigration story of people that usually don't speak about they're difficulties in life or even they're triumph on starting over a new life in a new country from scratch.

Around those pods we have lots of space to keep an art, design , poetry and culture books library with an emphasis on books about or by people that came from the former USSR countries or the Russian empire. Also you'll find lots of walls for showing art by artists that are from that same Russian speaking background, born there or born already here as the next generation.

Multiple Functions

As Jewish immigrants like me and my friends and family had an have 2 identities – in Soviet times both Jewish and Soviet, and after our Aliyah to Israel, both Israeli and Soviet. Almost all the different parts of this Culture Center have more then one function to each space.

Gallery floor plan – this floor includes a storage room, administration offices, three  study rooms for art classes\ writing\ poetry workshops equipped with two acoustical moving partitions to divide them as they see fit, a small balcony for all visitors' use and an open computer lab overseeing the lower floor.

Drafts & Renders

A color pallet influenced by my own grandmother 's style and a wink to the "soviet red"

 Inspirations by unknown soviet artists and a photo shoot I did with my Grand'ma for a project for a photography course.