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תכנון ועיצוב: דור אסייג | מנחה: אדריכל גל גאון


A modular mobile glitch gallery, with unlimited options of assembling exhibitions. It was born out of the will to enable art everywhere, at all time. The project goes in between the actual reality to its representation. The gallery offers an experience that crosses mediums and creates a new way of observing art

In order for an experience to occur we must be present. The project accelerates once the glitch art becomes a part of us, and demands us to abandon old perceptions. To refuse to stay on one medium only, and enjoy the multi medium aesthetics. Are we open for new experiences


We create reality as we go through spaces
when you look at a work of art, it’s as if it’s looking at you. If there is no eye there is nothing

Olafur Eliasson